Nurie pictureColoring pictures are incredibly intriguing.
Although almost everyone has had the experience of coloring them during childhood, after becoming an adult, these memories are often long forgotten and buried. And yet, if one has the chance to open a coloring picture, in that instant bittersweet memories of childhood come flooding back. Coloring pictures are imbued with our dreams and yearnings, with feelings of love and friendship. This is the essence of coloring pictures.

Inspired to conduct research on the world of coloring pictures, I began to collect coloring pictures from Japan and around the world to analyze them. As I continued to meet with the children of the world who enjoy them, and with their parents, I decided to open the Nurie Museum, coloring pictures museum.

Coloring pictures are important because they nurture the hearts of children. I would like to remain actively involved in this work because of the creativity of the coloring pictures as an art form, and its cultural importance in Japan. My hope is to see the flowering of a new coloring picture culture, a new chapter in a story that has a long history in Japan.

Let's discuss coloring pictures, shall we?

Masa Kaneko, Director of The Nurie Museum